Ramblings of a wannabe writer

With so many drafts, so few minutes, and such spirited internal debate about accessibility, agility, and the power of positivity, this is the blog I'll either start or finish tomorrow.

Let kindness be the path

Everyone is angry, the right, the left, the middle, all of us. We are split based on politics, race, ethnicity, gender identity, religion, age, ability, social class, and culture. Our views, beliefs, and how we choose to express them is our right provided by the first amendment of the United States constitution.

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Positive team culture starts with self

We all have the choice to determine if the glass is half-full or half-empty. Based on how the brain is wired, half-empty is much easier to recognize and focus on. Our glass half-full/empty perspective has a direct impact on the attitude and mood of those we interact with. This implies that positive team culture can only be cultivated by emotionally intelligent people.

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Smitten with Eleventy and Netlify

When I created this site, I threw it together with PHP. It worked and didn't take long to develop. However, the FTP deployment process was antiquated and setting up an SSL certificate with my host was time-consuming. I had been wanting to try Netlify for a while after hearing about all the great services they offer like the ease of deployment, free and automatic SSL certificate installation, form submission service, and various other JAM stack based services.

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Nudging Accessibility into the Development Process

What does this mean, nudging #a11y into the development process? Accessibility is a challenging task. Standards are murky, supporting technologies vary, and there are far too few experts. Sadly, a large percentage of developers I’ve talked to bypass accessibility for a few reasons, all of which have one thing in common, knowledge gaps coupled with time constraints.

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