Hi, my name is Derick... but some people call me Gary. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I'm passionate about inclusive design, continuous improvement, and servant leadership. Right now, I am practicing all of these as a Design Team and Front End Development Lead on the Cognitive Systems User Experience team at IBM in Austin, Texas.

From the get go Derick proved to be a team player, extremely motivated and he has that rare combination of design chops, developer know-how plus the ability to communicate with all ranges of personalities. Having worked in the design and technology field for over a decade, I can say Derick is a rarity.

Working with Derick was a joy. He is one of those special engineers who really cares about usability, aesthetics and goes the extra mile to take care of the details pesky designers really sweat over. I've never seen Derick in a bad mood, his energy is infectious and really makes an impact on the teams he works with. He is a great communicator and always made himself available when I needed him.

One of Derick's strongest assets is his ability to work with anyone and stay focused on the task at hand. From a development perspective, Derick has a rare combination of artistic (front-end) and analytical(back-end) development skills. He is an all around great guy and someone I would hire in an instant given the opportunity.

His strong focus on usability and his ability to speak and translate between the sometimes very different languages of the business folks, the creative types and the technical geeks truly make him stand out among his peers. He is passionate about what he does and that passion is infectious.

He brought a warm smile and positive attitude to work every day. There aren't too many people that are both a gifted graphic designer and a top notch programmer which makes Derick stand out from the crowd. His focus is on usability and he rightfully believes that the end user should be at the center of all design decisions. Great person and great developer to work with!

I often relied on his broad domain experience and standards-driven product expertise to inform the final design. Not only had he proven himself an extremely proficient front-end developer, he’s courteous, approachable and not afraid to accept tough challenges.

I worked with Derick on a couple of revisions for the front end website and Derick was a dream to work with. Derick's attention to detail always matches his commitment to excellent programming at the highest levels. Derick strives to create positive user experiences and works to resolve even the slightest corrections. Derick is highly motivated and works very well leading others to follow his high standards.