Smitten with Eleventy and Netlify

When I created this site, I threw it together with PHP. It worked and didn't take long to develop. However, the FTP deployment process was antiquated and setting up an SSL certificate with my host was time-consuming. I had been wanting to try Netlify for a while after hearing about all the great services they offer like the ease of deployment, free and automatic SSL certificate installation, form submission service, and various other JAM stack based services.

To take advantage of Netlify, I needed to learn a static site generator. Based on all the great things I heard about Eleventy, I decided to give it a whirl. I'm glad I did because it was flexible and simple to use and had plenty of documentation and sample projects available for quick learning. Leaning on the shoulders of Zach Leatherman and Paul Hawksworth, made the transition amazingly fast. Thank you both for sharing! I borrowed quite a bit from the EleventyOne repo, as well as Phil's site listed on the Eleventy Starter Projects page. Starting with the EventyOne scaffolding will jumpstart your project.

The process to build with Eleventy and deploy with Netlify is so simple, so fast, and so enjoyable that I have become completely smitten with this couple.